Children Rescued

In Las Vegas, an 18-foot reticulate python attacked a three-year-old boy. His mother stabbed the snake repeatedly to save her son. Both humans came out fine, but the snake was killed.

Meanwhile, in the improbable setting of Rhode Island, a coyote tried to take a seven-year-old girl from her yard. She was rescued by her dog.

The Fever Called Living

Today’s the anniversary of the death of Edgar Allan Poe. What does that have to do with dangerous animals? Mr. Poe wrote about several dangerous animals, including venomous leeches and human-eating rats. But what really prompts me to note him here is an animal-borne disease: rabies

Some theorize that Poe died of rabies. He was found wandering the streets of Baltimore in another man’s clothes, his mind altered. Various theories have been offered to explain this, from alcohol overdose to diabetes. Rabies would fit the facts, too, but those facts are just too sparse for a definitive answer.

Anyway, to mark the occasion, here’s yet another incident involving a rabid fox. This one has some horrific touches worthy of Poe: the home invasion, the crawl space, the return engagement. And for the die-hard rabies fans, here's yet another fox on the rampage.

“The fever called Living is conquered at last.”

Edgar Allan Poe's pioneering story-poem. Inspired by Tom O'Bedlam's readings on the SpokenVerse channel, I tried to do this in one take, leaving in the mistakes. Thank you for listening.

Sharks and big cats

It’s been a busy month for animal attacks. Here are a couple of articles on recent shark attacks in Australia:
Sharks 1
Sharks 2

Time has this article on the shark “rampage” in Australia. In its attempt at “balance,” the magazine has quoted crackpots like Vic Hislop, who goes for the notion that some sharks specialize in human prey. Still, the article is worth a look if you keep your crap detector on.

There’s also an interesting article about past shark attacks in California.

On the big cat front, we have this well-reported piece about cougars. There’s a roundup of attacks on humans near the end. Also, Missouri was the unlikely setting for an attack by a black panther.
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