Incident at Yellowstone: Bison vs. Humans

At Yellowstone, tourists somehow aggravated a bison, which soundly thrashed them. At the hospital, they faced something even more formidable: the health insurance industry.

Patas Monkey Attacks

In Indiana, a pet patas monkey had a tantrum and inflicted minor injuries on a teenager and the family dog. Here's the full story, which includes some good background on the dangers of keeping a primate as a pet.

Wayne Allison's Orangutans

Wayne Allison's haunting images of the Asian ape.

Bull Fight: Everybody Loses

This happened in Spain Wednesday. They're reporting more than 30 people injured. The bull was killed.

Washington Post reviews Deadly Kingdom

The Washington Post has once again proved itself to be a paper of taste and distinction:

Alligator vs. Goose

Reader Attackturtle was having lunch with his wife at their pond when they witnessed nature in startling action. Someone else was feeding stale bread to the turtles in the pond. Geese crowded in to swipe the bread. And then a young alligator, which AT estimated at four to five feet in length, grabbed a goose. The gator made no attempt to roll or drown the goose, relying on the bite alone to subdue it. When AT approached with his camera, the gator swam away at a leisurely pace. At first glance, the photo looks like a some weird hybrid animal out of Greek myth.

(Thanks, Attackturtle!)

Gordon Grice Talks Animals

Here's me on the radio with host Steve Scher, talking about animal attacks. We talked about sloth bears (pictured), grizzlies, dogs, and many other animals. You'll also hear some harrowing stories from callers.

Grizzly Bear Attacks Three at Yellowstone

"She was hunting us, with the intention of killing us and eating us," said survivor Deb Freele after being mauled by a grizzly at Yellowstone last week. The bear broke her arm and left her with bite wounds requiring surgery. It stopped the attack when Freele played dead. A man named Ronald Singer was also injured. His fighting, and his girlfriend's screams, seem to have discouraged the bear.

The bear killed another man.

Officials verified that the bear they trapped was the correct one through tent fibers in its scat, a broken tooth left at the site of one attack, and now, as the video mentions, through DNA.

Read more:

See Wayne Allison's grizzly bear photos.
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