More Zombies by Beckett

By popular demand, more of Beckett's zombie drawings.

Wolves Change the Courses of Rivers

Fascinating video explains trophic cascades, in which top predators prove to have profound effects on almost everything.  

I explored this phenomenon as it relates to the ocean's top predators in Shark Attacks: Inside the Mind of the Ocean's Most Terrifying Predator (National Geographic Shorts)

(Thanks to Dan.)

Persistent Spots of Blood

A big thanks to the Selim Center at the University of St. Thomas, which has just hosted me for a six-week lecture series on my favorite writer, Shakespeare. The highlight was probably the week when local actors Mike Kelley and Hannah Steblay performed scenes from Macbeth, then answered questions from the floor. Hannah told us when she gets a chance to play Lady Macbeth's mad scene, she's going to steal Judi Dench's scream. Go ahead, watch it, but don't expect anything else in your day to measure up. 

Otter Eats Alligator

Crocodilians: They're not just python fodder.


(Thanks to Steve V. )

Horned Lizard vs. Harvester Ants

Here's my childhood in a nutshell. Thanks to Brian for the link:

Brown Recluse Fatality

This is the first case I can recall involving paralysis because the spine was directly involved. The location of the bite was obviously a factor. Most recluse bites are not serious; in fact, only around 20% become medically serious at all. It's the few gruesome cases like this that make the news. 

Thanks to Bob Z. for the news tip. 
Fla. Man Dies From Brown Recluse Spider Bite - Yahoo: ""It bit him right on the back of his neck and rotted out to the vertebrae," Bill Reese told WFTS. "He wasn't afraid of anything. He thought he was invincible. But he wasn't.""

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