At the Aquarium

Photography by Dee Puett

How Animals Sense Magnetic Fields

Some new findings on this enduring mystery. 
Newly Discovered "Compass" Protein Lines Up With Magnetic Fields | IFLScience: "It took a long time for scientists to believe that animals were capable of sensing our planet’s magnetic field, and while we now know this so-called magnetoreception is very much a real phenomenon, researchers have yet to grasp a deep understanding of how this is achieved. Now, scientists are starting to piece together this complex puzzle, aided by the discovery of a protein complex that aligns itself with magnetic fields."

Baltimore Sun on Cabinet of Curiosities

Pleased to see Cabinet of Curiosities mentioned in the Dec. 6 Baltimore Sun:

(Here's a peak into my own cabinet:)

Huff Post on Cabinet of Curiosities

Excited to see this article by Arin Greenwood.

This Author Says We've Lost Some Sense Of Wonder, And He Has The Cure: "He said he hopes the compendium inspires others to take a tactile interest in the environments' beauty, stories and interconnectedness -- and our role, as cataloguers, participants and stewards."

The New York Times on Cabinet of Curiosities

A nice review in the Times.

‘The Big Book of Animals of the World,’ and More - The New York Times: "Gordon Grice began collecting at age 6, filling a cigar box with such natural-world discoveries as a skunk’s skull, porcupine quills and seed pods, and he has never stopped. In “Cabinet of Curiosities,” he gives an engaging historical overview of the human enthusiasm for collecting. . ."

Whistler's Wave

Nature images by James MacNeill Whistler.

Blue and Silvar: Blue Wave, Biarritz

Above and below: Peacock images from a room Whistler designed.

Peacocks sweep the fairies' rooms;
They use their folded tails for brooms;
But fairy dust is brighter far
Than any mortal colours are;
And all about their tails it clings
In strange designs of rounds and rings;
And that is why they strut about
And proudly spread their feathers out.
--Rose Fyleman

Violet and Silver: A Deep Sea

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