Not As Inspirational As It Sounds

Thrilled to see my poem “Hope” in the latest This Land. I can’t show the whole thing here, but this little glimpse provides a teaser, plus a hint of the gorgeous photography that accompanies it. The issue also contains some reporting you won’t see anywhere else. For example, there’s Mark Singer’s first-hand account of dealing with Donald Trump, a gentleman who has lately been in the news for something or other.

UPDATE: This Land is now sharing the entire poem on its website.

An Observer of the Kingdom of Deadly Animals | Newsroom

Credit: Mark Brown

A nifty write-up today in the University of St. Thomas Newsroom:

An Observer of the Kingdom of Deadly Animals | Newsroom: "Gordon Grice likes celebrating nature. He also likes sharing all the ways it could potentially kill us. As he is apt to point out, those two ideas are not mutually exclusive."

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